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, from district 11, which includes the excelsior, and will sign, our mission, and crocker amazon neighborhoods. supervisor avalos was elected to the board in november of 2008. we are going to get to know him and talk about the toughest issues facing the city. welcome and thank you for joining us today. tell us a lot about your background, where you grew up, went to school, the job you worked. >> i was born in a town called and los angeles. it was a lot of working-class folks. my father was a shore worker, my mother was an office worker at usc. my parents were divorced when i was 10 years old, and i moved to the east coast for six years before going back to california after high school. i went to school at uc santa barbara, graduated in 19988 -- 1988. i have lived in the excelsior since 1999. i have had lots of different jobs, but my main job is doing social work force and a disco, i have been a community organizer, i worked at a labor organization supporting janitor's working in our high- rise buildings. i was a legislative aide before .wr. i got to see how it all work from the o
is the corridor manager for excelsior group who would make a great addition to the board. she is educated. she is working the excelsior to better businesses, make it a safer place. i think that is all i have to say. thank you. >> thank you so much. next on the list we have veronica garcia, who we actually heard at our last rules committee meeting. and next we have nicole agbayani. i think, it looks in my notes she was not able to make it. you also heard henry kevane at our last meeting and next i will call up rita evans. >> thank you very much for this opportunity to come and express my interest in serving on the balboa park station citizens' advisory committee. i have lived in the area near sunny side neighborhood for the past 25 years. and as a concerned citizen and representative of the sunny neighborhood association, i have been involved in attending meetings and responding on behalf of the neighborhood association to balboa park planning. i noted -- i wrote and submitted the neighborhood association's response to the draft eir noting in particular there was no mitigation for problems r
and the excelsior, critical names of streets that we named after filipinos who really served our city and country in a fabulous way. i want to make sure that people remember that. because it's part of our history. so let me say some of them that many of you in the room know, but a lot of our people don't know that. you ever see the names? (listing names ) if you were really smart and if you are as smart as hydra wants everybody to be in san francisco, because of her board of education work, you should know victoria manalo dreys park. that was named after vicky dreyes, a filipino olympian from san francisco. these are names we should never forget. we'll see another names as they serve our great city and become our great local heroes. many of these names now on this very wonderful interactive board. tonight celebrate. celebrate the whole month and make sure we remember our heroes and make sure we honor the current ones that are serving today. and let's get the filipino-american candidates rally going for more heros in san francisco! celebrate filipino-american history month. thank you everybody f
, cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in the excelsior district where a suspicious fire is under investigation. >>> reporter: firefighters are calling it suspicious because of how quickly the flames spread. you can see now crews are still here. we heard reports that residents did admit to having an illegal marijuana grow operation but an arson team will be investigating the cause of this fire. two people were taken to the hospital for nonlife- threatening injuries. three residents are now homeless as a result of this fire. it started around 1:00 this morning at a home near athens and peru avenue. it quickly escalated and firefighters say they had to work fast to keep it from spreading. >> when we got here, the entire house was on fire. we were able to contain that and control it but the gas line also ruptured on us at the shutoff. so we were unable to shut it off. we had to call pg&e who brought in heavy equipment. >> reporter: pg&e crews are out here because of the gas rupture that the firefighter was talking about. it broke at the gas stop where firefighters normally turn it of
battled a to alarm fire at a residential building in san francisco excelsior district. >> according to the parties, the fire broke out in the 100 block of athens street shortly before 1 this morning. >> the fire was under control ground to 15. injuries to the victim are not known yet. >> one person was also displaced by the blaze. the calls of the fire remains under investigation. >> remember the days when you write down your new year's resolution. you're smart phone could help you with your resolution. we will have details in a few minutes. >> a live look at the san the tail bridge. traffic is light in the area. --san mateo bridge. we will be right >> welcome back. new year's means new year's resolutions and your smart phones can help you out. >> it is time to make new year's resolutions. >> we have their healthier. >> to lose my temper less often. >> i will try again to get in physical shape. >> that is my new year's resolution year after year. >> is there an app for that. >> there may be end app. i am more concerned about the appetizer. >> it is not an appetizer but this app app
result in charges. >> a house fire in san francisco's excelsior district has firefighters raising eyebrows. we'll tell you why something illegal might be behind the cause. lawmakers have just hours to prevent tax hikes and spendg cuts.. r a deal? >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> peering over the "fiscal cliff," lawmakers have just hours to prevent tax hikes and spending cuts. is there any hope for a deal? >> reporter: firefighters are calling a house fire in san francisco's excelsior district suspicious. we'll tell you why in just a few moments. >> it's a frosty start to this last day of 2012. what about rain? could we see that on new year's eve? weta
this one after a 2 alarm fire at a residential building in san francisco is excelsior district. the fire broke out before 1:00 this morning and crews had under control by 2:15 a.m.. to get you more knows who will turn to jackie sizzle. >> page dna crews remain on the same and we are expecting to see fire investigators out relatively soon. they will start looking over the debris and to find out if it was suspicious. they were able to get it under control in about an hour and eventually it led to two people being sent to the hospital. their conditions more last lifted as non life-threatening. this is good news. i just spoke with a pg&e worker and he stated that when they arrived the fire crews were standing back because a gas line had a ruptured. they had to wait until pg&e arrive so that they can turn off the gas. the good news says that you can see how close these houses are together. they are basically wall to wall. they were able to contain the fire to justice one structure. there were calling this fire suspicious and they're waiting for the fire investigators to come out to find out w
reporter cate caugiran is live in the excelsior district where a gas leak made things difficult for crews. good morning, cate. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. the cause of this fire is still under investigation. but firefighters told me earlier it raised eyebrows with them because it spread so quickly. the fire started in a home near athens street and peru just before 1:00 this morning. the fire spread fast throughout the home, and firefighters worked against the clock to contain it. but crews say they faced one major challenge. >> what we got here is the entire house was on fire. we were able to contain that and control it. but the gas line also ruptured on us at the shutoff. so we were unable to shut it off. we had to call pg&e who brought in their heavy equipment. >> reporter: the gas rupture caused flames to shoot up to 10 feet high, but firefighters say they were able to get it under control. pg&e says it was the fire that caused the gas line to rupture. as far as the residents are concern, we know three people have been displaced as a result of this fire. and two people were ta
word from safeway, that in the excelsior, at mission street was asked to close because they found it to be difficult. and actually this is at a very early stage and a lot of negotiations happen. just because they say that, doesn't mean it's going to happen, but it's an example of a kind of unilateral decision on the store to attempt to do that. >> right. >> correct. >> i don't know where we want to place ourselves on that part of the issue, but i think it's something that we should think about. >> so i think since we're not really working to pass something out today. >> right. >> i think what we can do is sort of take the intent of both commissioner dooley and commissioner o'brien and work on some for the -- something for the final policy? >> yes. >> it was currently written a conditional use authorization or public hearing was required prior to the center. so if a conditional use was required because they could close that, would that address your concern? >> do they require a conditional use? >> that is something that we could explore before the next outreach committ
francisco firefighters trying to control an early-morning house fire in the excelsior district. flames began shooting from a natural gas line in front of the place. a deputy chief told me the fire was essentially gas-fed at one point and crews couldn't reach the shutoff valve because it was engulled in flames. >> they had to have that free burning for a long time until pg&e could put a hole in the street and shut it off from there. we couldn't get to the shutoff area because the fire was come coming up from the sidewalk there. >> reporter: it took more than five hours for the pg&e to dig up the road. moon time, firefighters let the gas burn itself off. crews say that was the safest approach. the four people inside the burning home, all managed to escape. three were transported to the hospital with minor injuries. an aggressive attack by firefighters helped keep the flames from spreading. the man who lives next door told me he's glad a neighbor woke him up to warn him about the foyer. >> luckily, the neighbors right here came knocking really hard to get us up because, you know, i was caught i
effort. >> right. >> but in terms of reaching out -- i live in the excelsior and it's deep red but within that area there are about 20% of the population -- we consider opting in or enrolling in the program. >> yes. >> so is there a plan in terms of reaching that population in the early notification effort? >> so not in the early notification phase, but during -- not intentionally i should say. we are going to be very intensal and targeted to the dean green areas during the early notification. we expect we will still through community based organization work, through word of mouth be communicating with folks who aren't in deep green, so those folks will not show up on our opt out mailing list unless they come to us, so it's really the degree of proactivity. we're being active and engaging with deep green locations. other parts of the city that wish to participate in the program are going to need to reach out to us and then we will engage with them. >> okay. that is something our offices can help us. certainly we have our own ways of getting the word out or on social media efforts.
to the hospital. just before 1:00 firefighters responded to athens street in the excelsior district. they found a two story structure fully ingolfed in flame it took over an hour to -- knock down, firefighters were alerted by a neighbor. meth lab was on fire, but no evidence of any meth labor was amy hollyfield will have a live report in the next half hour. >>> in petaluma investigators trying to determine the cause of a fire that forced a family to evacuate. flames erupted into the garage and quickly spread to the main part of the house the fire damaged a bedroom, firefighters put the fire out in 45 minutes no one hurt. >>> dozens of tenants in san jose not back in their homes after a heartbreaking deadly fire over the weekend. investigators are searching for the cause. sue thompson is live at the scene on bridgeport court. >> reporter: good morning. investigators will be back out here later today to try and determine or at least work towards what caused this fatal fire over the weekend. some residents tell abc7 news that the fire alarm never went off. that fatal fire tore through an upper apa
this afternoon in the excelsior district. 30 people gathered to light candles and express support for victims of the masacre and for the community of newtown. >>> a handful of people also gathered in san francisco's golden gate park today to reflect on the connecticut tragedy. an informal vigil was held there this morning. some people wrote notes to the victims and others simply cried. >> i haven't met them, but it doesn't mean they are not my neighbors, doesn't mean they are not people i don't love. >> organizers said they wanted to provide a place for people to come together and share their deep sense of sorrow. >>> people have been posting their thoughts and condolences on our facebook page. mary writes, 26 families now live the rest of their lives in grief and nothing anyone can say or do can change the pain that they all have in their hearts. >> you can post your condolences on our facebook page. just search for ktvu channel 2. >>> we are learning new details about adam lanza, the man police say is responsible for the school shooting. this photo we're about to show you of the 20-year-old
in the excelsior distr what was found inside that the fight extra tricky. plus: hillary clinton hospitlized. the major health scare for the secrety of state. and over the cliff? with less than 24 hours to . 90 percent of american works face an automatic tax hike. a deal be reached? join us for cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning... beginng at 4:30. good morning. it's monday,,, >>> here's the look at the weather in some cities toward country. washington, sun and clouds, 44. partly sunny in atlanta, 54. snow in st. louis, 37. denver, 24. cloudy in seattle, 41 degrees. >>> top stories now on this monday morning. secretary of state hillary clinton being treated for a blood clot at a new york city hospital. she was admitted yesterday. doctors discovered the clot during a follow-up examination for a concussion. clinton sustained when she fell earlier this monday. >>> and there's still no deal to avert the so-called fiscal cliff. vice president joe biden is now involved in the negotiations, but senate republicans and democratic leaders remain at odds over key issues such as higher tax rates and the
of an overnight blaze in san francisco. amy hollyfield is live on athens street in the excelsior district. disturbing story of what was inside. >> reporter: neighbors believed there was a meth lab inside. firefighters found no evidence of that. right now behind me pg&e crews still on the scene trying to figure out how to fill in the huge hole they had to create. they had to dig a hole in the sidewalk, bring in heavy equipment in the middle of the night to get to the gasline and shut off the gas that was causing this tire to continue to burn. they to let it -- this fire to continue to burn. they had to let it burn for a couple of hours before they could shut it off it started 1:00 this morning on athens street three people in the home, homeowner go out okay, two other residents were taken to the hospital. the homeowner thinks they suffered if from smoke inhalation. firefighters had several suspicions and concerns, including the fact that the the homes here are all close to each other, practically touching each other. >> more concerned protecting the buildings on either side which ended up
this morning in a house fire here in san francisco in the excelsior district. investigators have say it is suspicious. firefighters had trouble shutting the gas line off, as well. >>> a 16-year-old was driving a car that slammed into a concord funeral home. police say he was in a street race at the time. yesterday's crash injured 3 people. >>> and new year's eve is the biggest single day for donations to the good will as people try to get last-minute tax write-offs. good will kicked off a donate-a- thon today at 1500 mission street in san francisco and it all starts at 7:00 this morning. so if you want to did a little closet cleaning, they would love to have your stuff. >>> traffic and weather with the new year's eve forecast coming up after the break. [ mom ] dear chex cereal i just had to write. you can't imagine how long i've been searching for something like this for my family. i'm amazed you make so many great flavors that are gluten free. my guys are crazy for chocolate chex and honey nut chex. for me, it's cinnamon. it means a lot to be able to give
building in san francisco's excelsior district. >> a fire broke out before 1:00 this morning and crews had it under control route to 15. to get more news faster return to kron 4 solo reporter jackie sissel who joins us live from the same period >> pg&e crews have just left about 5 for 10 minutes ago. we will expect to see fire investigators out. as you said this fire started at around 1:00 a.m. this morning. it quickly turned into a to alarm. what we are being told is that the fire crews-out a gas line had ruptured and that prevented fire far some going in. they had to wait for pg&e crews to shut off the gas before they are able to get in and fight the fire. we are also being told that two people were sent to a local hospital as what is being described as nine non-life threatening injuries. they are calling the fire suspicious in nature. that is why we're expecting to it fire investigator back out. off pg&e crews worked for several hours preparing the rupture gas line. that took a while for them to get fixed. the good news is you can see how close the house is dark. the good news is that f
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 54 (some duplicates have been removed)

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